Tattoo Deluxe is 100% natural and does not contain a bunch of harmful chemicals that can sometimes cause reactions in some people. Because Tattoo Deluxe uses natural ingredients in their products, it is gentler to the skin. Tattoo Deluxe cream contain no pretroleum. Petroleum (for example, Vaseline) covers the skin and prevents the tattoo from breathing. Petroleum also contains many impurities which can also clog skin pores.

Tattoo Deluxe does not smother the skin. Tattoo Deluxe is petroleum, paraben and lanolin free. Lanolin is highly allergenic. Tattoo Deluxe ingredients are gentle to the skin.

Use tattoo deluxe during the first stages of the healing process and also for old tattoos

Tattoo Deluxe is made with several herbs and oils that are known to aid in the healing process of the skin


INGREDIENTS: Aloe Vera,, Rosehip seed oil, Calendula, Tea tree oil, Olive oil, Rosemary oil, Beeswax, Cocoa butter, Lavender oil, Karite butter Vitamin E And the vitamins A, B,C & D presents in the natural ingredients.

Tattoo Deluxe does not test on animals and does not contain animal-derived ingredients.Animal products and or by-products are also intentionally excluded. Furthermore animal products and or by-products have been intentionally excluded to respect people’s religious beliefs and lifestyle choices.

The use of plant based ingredients responds to the demand from the general public for more natural and organic products, versus chemical or synthetic ingredients.

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