What people are saying about Tattoo Deluxe cream?


The artis of la Geisha tattoo clinic says


“I love tattooing and being an artist; I do believe I’m doing what I was born to do to create art”.


I believe tattooing is the highest form of art because it’s done on the most precious surface in the world.

When an oil painter needs a new canvas, he simply heads for the nearest art supply store to pick one out. But when you’re a tattoo artist, the canvas chooses you.


The mark of any great tattoo artist is how little damage he does to the skin while making a tattoo. The idea is to puncture the skin as cleanly as possible, which makes it easier for the skin to take the ink.

I’ve been using Tattoo Deluxe on a lot of my clients for 6 years and they come back within a few days a week and a one or two months after it and the tattoo it’s been improved almost 100% and the skin has been smooth out a lot. My clients also used for acne,scars and spots. The results are incredible.

Tattoo Deluxe is what you should put on your fresh tattoo to protect it from the beginning. It is designed by artists, used by artists and endorsed by artists.

Why I recommend Tattoo Deluxe?

  • Natural / No harmful chemicals
  • Paraben-Free / Fragrance-Free / lanolin free
  • Non-petroleum based
  • No animal-derived ingredients
  • Will not stick to your clothes
  • Safe on all skin types / Doesn’t clog pores
  • Airless system dispenser to prevent contamination
  • Recyclable packaging (environmentally friendly)
  • Used, endorsed and recommended by Professional Tattoo Artists

I feel once you use it you’re going to be a believer as I am.

Tattoo Deluxe does more than keeping tattoos vibrant, it keeps my customers very happy. And its brilliant to use during tattoing. Deluxe healing for deluxe results, its all true with Tattoo Deluxe!!!

La Geisha Tattoo Clinic, Marbella, Spain



-Tattoo Deluxe works wonders…….. the best product I’ve ever used on fresh tattoos. I’m talking 3 times a day for 5 days on a full color piece!

Charles O.E, Germany

-Tattoo Deluxe felt incredible, irreplaceable, cooling… My tattoo improved in less than a week…

Jason Philip, Norway

-Tattoo Deluxe is amazing! Within minutes after being tattooed for three and a half hours, After Inked took all of the heat and the sting out of my tattoo. It is keeping everything moisturized and helping it to look beautiful.


I’m also very pleased at the fact that it is natural and all I need was just a little bit. I definitely recommend After Inked for all your tattoo needs. It’s a wonderful product!


Marissa, England


I’ve been using Tattoo Deluxe exclusively on my hands and the back of my head. Using after Inked from the finish of the tattoos thru the entire process, not only it has improved them but it hasn’t felt residues on my clothes or sheets.


I recommend after Inked not only for new tattoos but even cause it will brighter my older work.


Bob G. A., Denia



I honestly have never been a big believer in all of the aftercare products that flood this market, especially now with the popularity of tattoos. Seems everyone is trying to cash in on the current popularity of the art, I’m sure some of these companies are really not looking out for OUR best interests.


All of your hard work in research, development, and product testing, are clearly evident in your superior product.  I have tried and used Tattoo Deluxe cream, absolutely love it!  No weeping of the tattooed area, and very quick improving times……simply amazing!  Thanks for providing us a product that actually works as stated.


Pedro J.E, Barcelona, Spain



Great product! No after bleed through.

Nice, fresh, clean feeling.

No sting, no sticking to sheets or clothes. We really like it. It’s the best lotion that we have used. We have tried other products and neither of them were or are as good as Tattoo Deluxe

It helped our new  tattoos and in our old tattoos, it has a nice clean feeling to it.

We would recommend After Inked to anyone getting tattoo’d


Kevin and Barbara





I am so happy with my new tattoo that I won at the Tried and True show. I was amazed at how Tattoo Deluxe helped. It was smooth in two days. Thanks again!


Clara Gonzalez, Madrid, Spain

Orlando, FL




Great product the tattoo deluxe.Especially for my scars and mature skin. Moisturizes and repairs, and has a luxurious texture. 

Maggie, Barcelona, Spain

I read years ago about the healing properties of the tattoo deluxe ingredients. My hair is long but not as long as I’d like, so I found tattoo deluxe cream and I began using it on my hair ends daily. Not only has it repaired my split ends, I’ve not had to cut my hair in 4 years! Thank you Tattoo Deluxe! 

Maria Jesus, Valencia

If there is one beauty product I won’t do without tattoo Deluxe cream! It soothes my skin, corrects minor blemishes from sun damage and helps me look younger than my 49 years. I think it’s the best beauty product I’ve ever used and I feel good about the company. Thank you! 

Jessie, Madrid

I started to use this product. In this dry Malaga climate the moisturizer was a skin-saver, but I wanted something extra for around my eyes where my skin gets extremely dry. but I found that it soaks in so well it doesn’t feel greasy or run into my eyes. In fact my skin just drinks it up and feels so soft and alive. This cream definitely helped reverse some early lines that were beginning to show and I will continue to use it to prevent new ones. And the price is very reasonable!! 

Carmen, Malaga

I had used Tattoo Deluxe before on a scar on my forearm that is now almost transparent. Last month I had surgery and started using the oil on this new scar; it has improved a lot! I am using it on my face to attenuate my first wrinkles and it’s working miracles there too. If you have never tried Tattoo Deluxe please do it now! There is nothing to lose and a lot to gain! 

Samantha, Italy

I love this product. I have been using it about 3 weeks on my lips, neck, and under my eyes. I am 39 and have combination dry skin with dryness under the eyes and on my neck. I had excessive dryness on the neck due to alpha lipoic acid use and the tattoo deluxe cream eliminated that within 3 days of twice daily usage. Highly recommend this product! 

Jamie, Marbella








I wanted to see how well it worked on facial lines & skin texture. I am 28 years old with a few fines lines around the eyes with uneven texture. This oil has been a-m-a-z-i-n-g! The fine lines are invisible and my skin texture is tight and smooth… even when I smile! I received quick results (3-4 wks) by following this routine: cleanse,and tattoo deluxe cream… My skin had been this way since I was 18 so literally 10 years have melted off my skin. I just wish I could find a way to get it into my bath water. I highly recommend this product! You will be impressed!


Jesus, Puerto Banus







I’ve been using After Inked exclusively on my hands and the back of my head. Using After Inked from the finish of the tattoos thru the entire process, not only it has improved them but it hasn’t felt residues on my clothes or sheets.


I recommend After Inked not only for new tattoos but even cause it will brighter my older work.


Bob, Granada

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