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Tattoo Deluxe is 100% natural and does not contain a bunch of harmful chemicals that can sometimes cause reactions in some people. Because Tattoo Deluxe uses natural ingredients in their products, it is gentler to the skin. Tattoo Deluxe cream contain no pretroleum. Petroleum (for example, Vaseline) covers the skin and prevents the tattoo from breathing. Petroleum also contains many impurities which can also clog skin pores.


Tattoo Deluxe does not smother the skin. Tattoo Deluxe is petroleum, paraben and lanolin free. Lanolin is highly allergenic. Tattoo Deluxe ingredients are gentle to the skin.


Use tattoo deluxe during the first stages of the healing process and also for old tattoos


Tattoo Deluxe is made with several herbs and oils that are known to aid in the healing process of the skin



INGREDIENTS: Aloe Vera,, Rosehip seed oil, Calendula, Tea tree oil, Olive oil, Rosemary oil, Beeswax, Cocoa butter, Lavender oil, Karite butter Vitamin E And the vitamins A, B,C & D presents in the natural ingredients.


Tattoo Deluxe does not test on animals and does not contain animal-derived ingredients.Animal products and or by-products are also intentionally excluded. Furthermore animal products and or by-products have been intentionally excluded to respect people’s religious beliefs and lifestyle choices.


The use of plant based ingredients responds to the demand from the general public for more natural and organic products, versus chemical or synthetic ingredients.


It took us 6 years of Research & Development and we are very proud of our product.






Tattoo Deluxe cream renowned for its outstanding skin regeneration properties and for toning down scar tissue. It is commonly used in skin care products. It is used for a variety of skin conditions, including dermatitis, acne and eczema, for mature and sun burnt skin as well as brittle nails and wrinkles.



On some skin troubles like wrinkles, chestnut spots and ephelides, good results have been obtained. After 16 weeks of treatment, wrinkles disappeared and spots become imperceptible.

After three months of two applications a day, scars were less marked, they had no crests, skin elasticity was increased and the zone colour looked better.


Will Tattoo Deluxe pull ink out?



There is nothing in Tattoo Deluxe that can pull the color out. The ingredients in Tattoo Deluxe aftercare cream do not dray ink or other impurities out of skin.



Tattoo Deluxe does not contain lanolin, petroleum, mineral oils or hash chemicals that seem to cause an allergic reaction and can clog the pores, leading to loss of ink or damage to a new tattoo. Tattoo Deluxe aids the body´s natural healing process.





Can Tattoo Deluxe be used for anything else besides healing tattoos?



Tattoo Deluxe was specifically developed for healing tattoos but can be used on cuts, scrapes, burns, bruises and after laser treatments


-For daily aftercare skin


-Can be used as a lip balm, as a mosturizer, and cuticle cream


Tattoo Deluxe cream are astringent and antiseptic


Tattoo Deluxe may be used for a wide variety of skin care needs:



  • Tattoo Deluxe is helpful in softening cracked and dry skin and restores the skin’s natural beauty.

  • Applying Tattoo Deluxe cream to the skin will act as a natural barrier and thus protects our skin from dangerous toxins.

  • Tattoo Deluxe is an excellent moisturizer for the skin that makes the skin flexible by increasing the synthesis and strength of the skin tissue.

  • Tattoo Deluxe nourishes the skin and tissues with vitamin C and E, thus preventing premature aging of the skin.

  • It also helps the skin look smooth and radiant.

  • Applying tattoo deluxe cream helps in alleviating skin irritation and inflammation and also helps in improving lesions or cuts.

  • Tattoo Deluxe removes the dead cells in the skin and aids in effective penetration and transportation of healthy substances through the skin.

  • Tattoo Deluxe used on the scalp keeps it hydrated and nourished by preventing dry skin and infestation of dandruff.

  • It helps in reducing the intensity of pigmentation and lightens the dark spots on the face.

  • Tattoo Deluxe is quite effective against acne. Since, acne is mainly caused by bacteria, contains bacteria-fighting substances called terpenes, that work as an antibiotic and destroy these acne causing bacteria.


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