The therapeutic tattoo frequently provides the finishing touches to a surgical procedure.

La Geisha tattoo clinic is your partner in helping our patients look and feel better.

Restoring our patient’s natural skin tone/colour after cosmetic or reconstructive surgery is our area of expertise. We specialize in camouflaging, reconstructions and cover up procedures (e.g. nipple areola tattooing) and our work in this area is world renown

On this page we will discuss issues surrounding medical tattoo and why La Geisha Tattoo Clinic is uniquely qualified to perform these procedures.

Using tattoo techniques to camouflage skin tone imperfections is an advance skill acquired only through professional training, guidance and significant experience. Specialty procedures necessitate that the Specialist develop an especially keen aptitude for colour, anticipate how colours heal in the skin, what the resulting colour will be, and how the colour will fade over time.

In la Geisha Tattoo Clinic we are able to analyze the skin’s texture taking into account any elevation or depression that will effect how the colour is perceived. Raised and depressed areas may cast minute shadows on the skin making it appear darker. The ability to evaluate the skin’s health, elasticity, thickness, opaqueness or translucency will determine the methodology used to tattoo the area. It is important to understand the anatomical and physiological differences of skin of different races and how these differences effect the way coloring agents heal in the skin.

Specialists must have an in-depth understanding of how the tissue responds to injury, and how certain chemicals, products and environmental factors affect the skin’s healing process and pigment retention. It is important to note that placing pigment into scar tissue is very different from normal tissue because scar tissue accepts and retains colour differently than normal tissue.

Therefore, doctors seeking this procedure for their patients should only consider specialists with significant experience performing cover up, reconstructions and  camouflage procedures.

La Geisha Tattoo Clinic with over 20 years of hands-on tattoo, piercing and micropigmentation experience

Most importantly, a Specialist must have matured enough in the field to effectively handle the emotional issues facing severely discoloured and disfigured clients whose ultimate desire is to return to a state resembling normalcy.

When the nipple and areola have not been reconstructed, a realistic likeness can be created through skillful artistic tattooing.

Scars around the areola can be visually embarrassing.

By simulating the areola color, the scar is brought into the areola.

The lack of an areola can arise from a complete or partial mastectomy due to the presence of cancer.

Tattooing recreating an areola is non-surgical way to create a more natural appearance of the breast.

Surgical reconstruction of the nipple an areola can leave the areola pale and unnatural looking. Simulating the areola color can offer a more natural look.

Areolas that are too small, too pale or badly defined can be corrected with tattoo.

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